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Due to e-mail and other forms of digital communication, many people believe that fax services are obsolete. However, this is a common misperception.

Many large companies and businesses still use the fax as a secure and reliable communication method. In fact, countries like Japan have abandoned their plans to move on from fax services. In Germany, roughly 43% of businesses still send a fax on a routine basis.

Read on to learn how to select the best online fax service. Explore topics such as why many people are still sending faxes and the benefits of fax services.

What Is an Online Fax?

While faxing is not obsolete, some of its traditional technology is now retired. Businesses no longer invest in an office fax machine with a dial tone.

Instead, you are going to send and receive faxes using a mobile app or web portal. In order to sign up, all you need is an e-mail address. 

Most online faxing services charge a monthly fee to receive faxes. There are some that are free if you plan to send online faxes only.

You may be wondering why so many companies are still using online faxes. The answer boils down to security and reliability. 

Faxing is still viewed as a reliable way to send information. Today, people are overwhelmed by spam and the sheer volume of e-mails and texts they receive. Online faxes are more likely to reach their intended audience.

Also, digital hacking is so common today. In the health industry, for example, more than 50 million Americans were negatively impacted by data breaches. Faxing is off the beaten path and viewed as more secure.

What Are 3 Tips for Choosing the Best Online Fax Services?

Now that you understand the merits of online faxing, it is time to sign up for a faxing service. What are the characteristics that make a faxing services business stand out?

There are three things that you should focus on when looking for an online fax company; security, reliability, and pricing. Many businesses are choosing online faxing for security reasons.

There have been many high-profile data breaches over the past decade. Even the United States federal government was hacked.

Online faxes are a secure and effective way to protect proprietary information. Before hiring a fax company, see what steps they can take to ensure communications are secure.

Every company is looking for a reliable partner to do business with. Does the online fax company deliver upon its promises of fast and secure transmittals?

Make sure to read online reviews to ensure you are hiring a reputable business. Offering services like fax number monitoring is important to make sure faxes are always going through. 

Lastly, inquire with the company about its pricing structure. Before hiring them, it is important to verify that they fit within your budget.

Tips for Hiring an Online Fax Service

You are now ready to hire an online fax company. A faxing service can protect valuable data and documents from online thieves. It is an affordable and modern way to send data using mobile apps.

If you are looking to hire the best online fax service, contact us today to get started.